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Print cooler always on

Posted by Royce 
Print cooler always on
March 07, 2017 05:40PM
Good evening,

I upgraded to RAMPS 1.4 today. I noticed that the print cooler (connected to D9 / extruder 2) is always running.
It runs at the same speed, no matter what I set in S3D.
In Marlin I set #define MOTHERBOARD BOARD_RAMPS_14_EFB so it should be able to control the hotend, fan and bed.
Measured with a voltmeter, it gives me a reading of 5.9V on D9 constantly.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

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Re: Print cooler always on
March 08, 2017 12:32PM
Faulty D9 mosfet ?
Re: Print cooler always on
April 15, 2017 03:37AM
After reading that large prints were best left uncooled at first to avoid warping I tried to alter the fanspeed through the tune menu whilst printing.

The Cura setting had always been set to be slower at first, building up to 100% at 0.5 mm height.

No luck adjusting it manually.

This got me quite worried.

Just now I tried some prints where I've told Cura, the new version 14.07, to slow the fan down at first.

Still, the fan is at 100 percent (or so I think) all the time.

From the moment I turn the entire machine on, to the moment I start printing.
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