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3D? 5D? RAMPS?

Posted by epengr 
3D? 5D? RAMPS?
March 19, 2011 12:58AM
Okay, I've been scouring the wiki and there's one thing I can't make sense of.

3D versus 5D firmware. These are diferent versions of gcode and the firmware that interprets them?

What's what? Teacup's 5D. What's Tonokips? When do I need these pup conversion scripts and which gcode generating hosts can communicate directly with which firmware?

This shouldn't be so hard. Maybe it's just late. Maybe I shouldn't post this and see if it's clear in the morning...

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Re: 3D? 5D? RAMPS?
March 19, 2011 02:17AM
I believe 3D is for use with dc extruders and 5D is for stepper driven extruders. So any firmware capable of running a stepper extruder including tonokips would be considered 5D but I could be wrong.
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