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Common ground?

Posted by jhelmstetter 
Common ground?
August 30, 2017 10:38AM
I am rewiring my Prusa I3 Rework and was looking at the number of wires needed for the hot end assembly. My setup has the following wires going to the carriage:
  • stepper - 4 wires
  • 24v 40W heater - +24V, GND
  • E3Dv6 fan - +24V, GND
  • part cooling fan - +24V, GND
  • thermistor - 2 wires

I was thinking at the very least I could combine the ground wires of the heater and fans and maybe the BLTouch if the +5V ground isn't isolated from the +24V ground.

Has anyone tried this?

Re: Common ground?
August 30, 2017 03:43PM
The heater GND is not actually ground, it is switched via the mosfet.
Same with the part cooling fan via a different mosfet.
Cant see any reason why you cant use one +24v wire tho.
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