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i2 mendel

Posted by Sean Birt 
i2 mendel
January 03, 2018 03:44AM
Hello i have an unfinished i2 which i am now looking at getting built and printing, i have most things i need. the electronics baffles me which one to get, do i need a screen(would like one)??? loads of questions. i do not even know wether this post is in the correct place? apologies if it is not.....
What do i need electroniclly...i have the stepper motors i think that is it..i will know more when i open th box up and have a proper look.....

any help would be great..
thank you
Re: i2 mendel
January 03, 2018 06:39PM
You do not need a screen or a sd card reader, but they are nice to have. To start with you can control everything from a computer.

Electronics is a personal choice..

Will depends on your answers to these questions.

8 bit or 32bit
what firmware do you want to run marlin, smothieware, reprap firmware
On board or replaceable stepper modules
extra features like wifi support or Ethernet, or additional extruder support

Most 8 bit boards are electrically equivalent, same family of processors running at same speeds running the same firmwares. Only minor differences in pin layout and number of mosfet
Some 8 bit boards do have better thermal designs than others.
8 bit is cheaper way cheaper

The 32 bit market is different there are two main competing types those that run smoothie and those that run reprapfirmware.

all boards can be driven by a raspberry pi running octoprint for wifi and Ethernet support, 32 bit board tend to have wifi and Ethernet inbuilt

There are some on here that insist that their 32 bit duet is the only answer, this is not correct.
Re: i2 mendel
January 04, 2018 06:39PM
Hello and thank you for reply...
Look what i found at the bottom of the box.....lol
That answers some of them questions, does it not.
Although i dont really know what i have got...

I think the links work....lol
Re: i2 mendel
January 04, 2018 09:13PM
Thats a standard ramps 1.4 board.

its 8 bit and will work fine

On you second picture you have

1) a tealight candle tongue sticking out smiley
2) ramps stack (pololu drivers on ramps 1.4 board on mega controller)
3) a thermistor (glass bead with two copper legs, NB these are fragile, treat with care)
4) a assortment of cables
5) a sd card module for ramps
6) looks to be heatsinks
7) mechanical endstops
8) a fan

It looks like reprapdiscount gear, which is actually good quality stuff

you need:
stepper motors (x5)
power supply 12v

plastics and rods and nuts etc for a frame
linear rods and bearings for movement

lots of nuts, washers etc to put it all togeater

if your planning on a heated bed, you also need
heated bed
another thermistor (your hotend may already have one in which case the one in the picture is for the heated bed)

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Re: i2 mendel
January 04, 2018 09:21PM
Hi lol yeah tea light snuck in there....
Thanks for that i have been doing a bit of research and things have changed a bit in the lastfew years eh...
I dont think i need much more? Still researchin.....lmao

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