No movement with ramps test code?
February 10, 2018 10:35PM
so last week i killed my mega from a stepper driver being off by one set of pins.

ordered a new mega, flashy marlin. I was able to get my z and extruder motors going some what randomly.

so i swapped the x and extruder driver tried to move the x and no luck. swapped it back and no more extruder movement.

flashed the test code and i get nothing. swapped drivers all around, nothing.
checked for proper a4988 orientation and thats fine.

any ideas before i order a new ramps and drivers?

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Re: No movement with ramps test code?
February 11, 2018 03:15AM
Did you check the power supply and the power plug?
Re: No movement with ramps test code?
February 11, 2018 07:55AM
Yea no issues with the power supply or plug that I can find.

Checked from ground to vmot and im getting 12v on all the drivers.
Checked from ground to vdd and its switching between 4.7v and 3.6v every couple seconds.
Checked both motor groups with no voltage on either pair.
Checked ground to dir and it was switching between high and low states as it should.
Checked ground to enable pin no voltage.

I also noticed that one mosfet output wasn't toggling like it should so I think that mosfet is dead as I checked the control pins for each and they are going high then low like they should. So new ramps board will be ordered.

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