MKS GEN 1.4 Free Pins?
February 13, 2018 04:23PM
Hello all,

I'm new to this forum.
I'm at wits end after searching over the interweb only to come back empty-handed.

I have a MKS GEN 1.4 board sporting a MKS TFT 3.2 (aux 1), a 12864 LCD (EXP1/EXP2), RGB LED string (D4/D5/D6), bltouch (D11), two extruders (D7/D10), part cooling fan (D9), dual thermistors of course. I am needing to find another output I can use PWM preferably to control the 2nd part cooling fan.

I've tried all of the pins on AUX2(D63/D64/D65/D66/D40/D42/D44) ,AUX3(D49/D50/D51/D52/D53), XMAhot smileyD2) using gcode: M42 P S<0-255>
to no avail.
I see pin D12 is available on MKS GEN 1.5, but I don't see it broken out anywhere on this board.

Can anyone help me find an unused pin on the MKS GEN 1.4 board please?
Re: MKS GEN 1.4 Free Pins?
February 13, 2018 10:08PM
on the 2560 only certain pins have PWM capability

Pin Number Pin Name Mapped (arduino) Pin Name
1 PG5 ( OC0B ) Digital pin 4 (PWM) USED
5 PE3 ( OC3A/AIN1 ) Digital pin 5 (PWM) USED
6 PE4 ( OC3B/INT4 ) Digital pin 2 (PWM) X+
7 PE5 ( OC3C/INT5 ) Digital pin 3 (PWM) X-
15 PH3 ( OC4A ) Digital pin 6 (PWM) USED
16 PH4 ( OC4B ) Digital pin 7 (PWM) USED
17 PH5 ( OC4C ) Digital pin 8 (PWM) USED??
18 PH6 ( OC2B ) Digital pin 9 (PWM) USED
23 PB4 ( OC2A/PCINT4 ) Digital pin 10 (PWM) USED
24 PB5 ( OC1A/PCINT5 ) Digital pin 11 (PWM) USED
25 PB6 ( OC1B/PCINT6 ) Digital pin 12 (PWM)
26 PB7 ( OC0A/OC1C/PCINT7 ) Digital pin 13 (PWM) LED (probably)
38 PL3 ( OC5A ) Digital pin 46 (PWM) Z_STEP_PIN
39 PL4 ( OC5B ) Digital pin 45 (PWM)
40 PL5 ( OC5C ) Digital pin 44 (PWM) aux-2

I presume D8 is still the bed....

leaving D12,D44,D45, to find

EDIT: D44 on AUX-2 should have worked....
I suspect it doesn't becase its #define E1_CS_PIN 44 so probably removed from M42 control.
This is not used unless you have SPI based stepper drivers.

Or you could use which X endstop you not using currently... as they are both PWM outs

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