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Configure Marlin for a new LCD

Configure Marlin for a new LCD
April 18, 2018 10:08AM
Hi everyone!
I’m new here and someone pointed out that I accidentally posted this on the wrong board, I’m not sure how to move a topic so ill just post the question here and link back to the old topic!

I’m working on converting an old Da Vinci pro 1.0 to a MKS Base 1.4 running the Marlin Firmware. Everything is working fine but the display and control panel.

How would I configure Marlin to work with this setup?

How I would like the EXP1 and EXP2 to be setup as following(Se image below)

For more details check the old post, this should however be enough of information to help me on right track smiling smiley Original Post

Specs of the LCD and panel:

    Standard 16x4

Button panel:
    Button: Up
    Button: Down
    Button: Left
    Button: Right
    Button: Enter
    Button: Home

All of the buttons are individual and have an individual 100k pullup resistor on the original controller board.

Thanks in advanced for the help!

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