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Multiple head beds

Posted by Dhinesh ks 
Multiple head beds
May 31, 2018 08:13AM
How to connect multiple heat beds(say 4) to RAMPS 1.4?
Whats the better way for controlling multiple heat beds?
Re: Multiple head beds
May 31, 2018 10:25AM

4 beds at 11 amps each = 44 amps...
Also you get cold spots in the middle as the heated areas have a border.
Ramps has 3 mosfets... no way to control 4 beds and hot ends and fans without addons.
No firmware has support for this. (that I know of... ) DC42 will now jump in and add it to his controller in an effort to make you buy one.

use one large bed, probably mains powered and use a AC SSR to turn it on/off (Solid State Relay)

It is also recommended that your bed be fixed and the machine move around that. IE delta or CoreXY type machine

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Re: Multiple head beds
May 31, 2018 01:47PM
You could put 4 independent Kapton heaters under a big plate of aluminum, but the aluminum spreads the heat anyway, no matter how many heaters are ON.
Maybe use 4 heaters with 4 aluminum plates and cover it all with a single glass/mirror tile ?

As Dust already said, you can't control them directly from Ramps. You'd need external Mosfet modules and plug/unplug the ones you want to use. The problem is, you can only use one thermistor, but you could place it in the center.

If you want to use 4 heaters to save energy, better use one big heater and cover the parts of the bed, that aren't in use, with something isolating.
Re: Multiple head beds
June 01, 2018 01:12PM
DC42 will now jump in and add it to his controller in an effort to make you buy one.

RepRapFirmware has supported up to 4 independently-controlled bed heaters for several months already.

But it's easier to use a single bed heater with a thick heat spreader, if you don't mind it taking longer to heat up and especially to cool down.

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