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US Parts List for RAMPS

Posted by Chris Martin 
US Parts List for RAMPS
May 01, 2011 07:48PM
Ok, I saw at least a few other people looking for a US version of the list shown here. I thought I would put together that list so people had a one stop shop for a RAMPS kit from digikey.

Here is the list in the same order that is shown on the RAMPS wiki page.

I also attached the excel sheet for easier copy/paste features.

The only issue I currently have with this list is the "power jack" because those parts are hard to ID and the MOSFET because it is currently out of stock. I am looking for a better choice that ships immediately and not in 5 weeks.

open | download - RAMPS Digikey Parts List.xlsx (19.3 KB)
Re: US Parts List for RAMPS
May 02, 2011 10:51AM
Thanks for the parts list!

I just worked up a full list on Mouser then as an alternative - I've attached the spreadsheet again with a new colum - if the part number on Mouser is different from Digikey, I've put in the new part number. If no part number in the new column, then it's the same on both vendors.

Only thing I couldn't find in stock on Mouser was a similar right-angle tactile pushbutton switch... I've actually ordered that from Digikey and the rest from Mouser.

Mouser might be a bit more expensive for some things also - my bill came to around $30
open | download - RAMPS Digikey Parts List_Mouser_Also.xlsx (12.3 KB)
Re: US Parts List for RAMPS
May 03, 2011 10:13PM
Great work. I noticed a lot of questions for this over the last several weeks. Glad to see Reprap crossing continents.
Re: US Parts List for RAMPS
May 17, 2011 02:45AM
571-2828376 Is the mouser part number for the 6 position terminal block. You can save a few dollars buying these instead of the male / female connectors listed here.

651-1758364 is the mouser part number for the 2 position terminal block, I think. Although the one listed is definitely less expensive.

Also, the only female headers you need are 4 16 pin headers for receiving the drivers. There are several listed here that are unnecessary.

The 100uF capacitor listed here are only rated for 10v, and it should be something higher, as it's on the 12v input line. There's one at Garrett Electric with part # 25YK100M5X11

You need a total of 130 male pins. If you can get several in 8 pin sections - at least 5 of them - that would make things easier.

I'll see if I can break out some more info that will make the purchase / build easier.
Re: US Parts List for RAMPS
May 23, 2011 04:46PM
I knew there would be some issues here. I need to look through again as I only listed needing 1 2pos terminal block instead of 3. I don't like the way they fit on the board, so I am going to change it to a single 6pos. Also, my Arduino Mega shows up today so I should be able to sort out the header issues soon along with testing the new MOSFETs I received. Hopefully an update will be out soon.
Re: US Parts List for RAMPS
May 25, 2011 02:58PM
I was about to use one of the US lists above but after reading about the underrated capacitor I thought I should try to go through the list myself just to be safe, as well as learn a thing or two. I recently ordered a v1.3 board and used the component list from the Ultimachine DIY Kit (http://ultimachine.com/content/ramps-diy-kit) to make a Mouser parts list (attached). I know very little about electronics (just college physics and one circuit class with op-amps) so I would very much appreciate a review of the list by a competent person. I assumed from the RAMPS wiki page that it is not difficult to cut up headers, and therefore get the 24x1 female headers by cutting two 36x1 headers. Actually, here is a list of the other issues about which I was somewhat unsure:

Terminal Blocks: The RAMPS DIY kit says the connectors are "Eurostyle". The parts I listed do not, but the pictures looks similar for the 6 pin terminal block.

Jumper Blocks: Look somewhat different from those in the DIY kit.

Tactile Switch: Mouser did not have FSMRACD in stock but did have FSMRACDAH. I looked at the pictures and parameters on Digikey, and they mostly look the same except the pushing force is a little higher on the FSMRACDAH.

Fuse MF-R1100: There appeared to be multiple similar products, but the part name does not sound like a standard designation.

Green LED: I could not figure out what the correct operating voltage is, so I simply picked one of the appropriate size. I also don't know the consequences of supplying one with the wrong voltage.

MOSFETs: I did not thoroughly check every property on these, since the Mouser entry appears to be the exact same product. I am slightly concerned that the rated power dissipation is 70W here (http://ultimachine.com/content/stp55nf06l-mosfet), but 95 W on Mouser.

My total was $25.79 without shipping. Thank you very much in advance for your expertise and time.
open | download - RAMPS_Components_Sheet.xls (10.5 KB)
Re: US Parts List for RAMPS
June 16, 2011 05:56PM
I should update this and let anyone looking at this list know that they should not use it. I know for a fact some of headers are not rated for a high enough current, and some other components may be underrated as well.
Re: US Parts List for RAMPS
December 23, 2011 12:34AM
Is there an updated parts list?
Re: US Parts List for RAMPS
December 23, 2011 12:59AM
I don't have a good list. When I tried the first time I realized that the headers were under-rated and so then I mostly just bought stuff from the RAMPS website. Honestly the DIY kit is a pretty good deal they are not charging a huge premium.
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