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Heaters turning off after leveling

Posted by rods87 
Heaters turning off after leveling
November 05, 2018 05:12AM
I have an MKS Gen L that I installed on an Ender 2 along with a BLTouch clone. After mesh leveling using "G29" and the purge line, the heater are turning off. It pre-heats before leveling. I have searched through gcode and firmware to try to find why and can't find why both hot end and bed heaters turn off. I do see G26 "K" referenced as "Keep-On". Is this something that I need to add? If so, how & where is it used?
If I disable G29 in the startup script, and don't perform the leveling function, then the heaters stay on but it defeats the purpose of adding the sensor. The bed warps high in the center when heated.
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