Ramps 1.4 no power on 12V
April 22, 2019 10:38PM
Long story sort I must of caused some kind of short I was trying to connect a auto level sensor to the ramps it's 3 wire so I connected it to where the -Z min stop was but it needs 12V to power it so I used the power for the supply.. it fried the voltage regulator on the Mega board.. so because I have I new spare I installed it but I noticed that still I can't get my power to power on with just 12V it only powers on with the USB connected.. and if you turn on the printer the contrast on the LCD goes way down and looks like some stuff gets a little garbled.. it looks like the short effected the Ramps board as well?

*edit lol too many boards still had the bad Mega connected it's ok with the spare on

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