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DRV8825 and TL Smoother board?

Posted by Ohmarinus 
DRV8825 and TL Smoother board?
May 26, 2019 05:25AM
Hi y'all,

The past week I've been trying to get the DRV8825's I ordered to run silently with a TL-smoother board. I have seen some pretty remarkable results online in some videos but the stepper drivers are incredibly loud and whiney, almost as if they are completely churning up an already partially broken down ball bearing. You know what sound I'm talking about. I replaced then again with my A4988 drivers with the resistor hack and now the CoreXY machine I was working on runs fine without much noise but I just can't get my hear around it.

I have seen this video:

I'm using 42BYGHW811 type motors

Running on Ramps 1.4 on 12v. I have read 'here and there' that these drivers are better on 24v but I have seen videos as well that prove it works well with 12v.

These should be exactly right for the DRV8825's with their high output current.

But somehow it doesn't want to be silent. These are the TL-smoothers I'm using:

Does anyone have experience with this?
I'm running the DRV8825's with a vREF of 0.6v

Can it be that the 4-diode models work better than the 8-diode models?

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