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Ramps 1.6 5v vdcc jumper

Posted by atmchong 
Ramps 1.6 5v vdcc jumper
September 03, 2019 02:35PM
Hi everyone
I'm changing the ramps on my 3d printer to a 1.6 ramps but i got a strange (for me) problem
I'm connecting the jumper at the 5v vdcc to power the BLtouch sensor, but it makes the whole thing kill, it won't power at any way and when i remove the jumper everything back to work, what could be the problem? I've tried disconnect everything and i got the same results.

Glad if anyone can help me
Re: Ramps 1.6 5v vdcc jumper
September 24, 2020 05:45AM
Yes, Same issue...
Re: Ramps 1.6 5v vdcc jumper
March 23, 2021 10:26PM
I have the same problem. When using the 5v jumper for the Bltouch the 1.6 ramps burns the 5v voltage regulator of the mega arduino, so it no longer works with 12v on the shield. To find out if you have damaged anything else on the arduino mega, just plug in the usb and if it does, then just change the voltage regulator that is next to the arduino 12v input. Even so what caused this burning is still in doubt, because I thought it was just jumping the 5v, but I have already read some literature that says to remove a diode, is this true? What would be the diode? Someone to help?

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Re: Ramps 1.6 5v vdcc jumper
March 24, 2021 03:22PM
The 5V regulator on the Arduino Mega is pretty weak, and the 200-300mA that the BLTouch pulls is often enough to burn it out. You really need to use a buck converter if you want to power a BLTouch.
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