MKS GEN L mosfet mayhem
November 11, 2019 04:48AM

I recently upgraded my (already heavily modified) AM8 (Anet A8) to a MKS GEN L motherboard in order to make use of silent TMC2208 on the XY axis..
I've always used an external mosfet to drive my hotend (due to the A8's reputation of being a fire hazard). I wanted to do the same with my MKS GEN L board despite it no longer being necessary. I prefer to direct as much load away from the board.

Everything's wired up correctly and good to go. The only thing giving me trouble is the external mosfet module (30A, 12V) not receiving a signal from the MKS GEN L board when heating is requested resulting in thethermal runaway protection kicking in. Connecting the hotend directly to the MKS GEN L board works without issue. Swapping the mosfet module yields the same result, so it's not defective.

Any advice would be most welcome, I found nothing on google.

PS: I don't use a heated bed.

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