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RAMPS control axis issue

Posted by benlabscdk 
RAMPS control axis issue
October 31, 2021 08:41AM
Hi there.
I am building my first 3D printer (Reprap Prusa i3) and I typically would test each axis using the LCD controller connected to RAMPS (running on Arduino Mega with Marlin). When I would move each axis, everything would work fine except for the two Z-axis motors. They would make this awful grinding noise. I tried adjusting the potentiometer and also tried putting the motors in series as opposed to parallel, but neither seemed to solve the issue. Later I was fiddling around with other motors via Repetier and I accidentally moved the Z axis and it moved fine. I tried again and found that as long as I am moving it via the software, there were no issues. I went back to the LCD to control it and it produced the grinding sound. What can I do to be able to control the Z axis with the LCD without having the grinding sound?
Thank you in advanced!
Re: RAMPS control axis issue
October 31, 2021 06:59PM
Max freed rate for Z is to high
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