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RAMPS 1.2 do not stop heating extruder

Posted by oz 
RAMPS 1.2 do not stop heating extruder
July 01, 2011 06:40AM
Hi i have ramps 1.2 with sprinter FW and repsnapper. (Latest build compiled in ubuntu 11.4).
Everything looks fine except heating of extruder. After M104 od heat on button, extruder strats heating, completely ignoring preset values.
M105 returns temperature fine.
M104 S200 looks responding too.
In Printer controls table (repsnapper) is preset value 25°C for extruder and bed and, even if i change it, after M105 repsnapper sets 25 again.
Using 100k thermistor, measured values looks fine.
-Tried changing pin 10 to pin 9 (if mosfet is dead) -> same problem
Extruder stays cool, untill i set some temperature or hit "heater on", after it, extruder do not stop heating, even if target temperature is reached and only way to stop it, means to turn power supply off of disconnet repsnapper....
-Another try was with replicatorG, again target temperature is ignored and system continues heating head...
-last try with changing FW, older tonokip do not send back temperature from thermistor at all..
Re: RAMPS 1.2 do not stop heating extruder
July 01, 2011 09:49AM
Latest Build...

Of the firmware, or of RedSnapper?

In any case, it sounds like a firmware problem. Are you using the Experimental branch of Sprinter?

Put a fan on D9 and D8, and make sure RAMPS isn't trying to control one of those by mistake (meaning your pins are wrong).

If you have HEATED BED enabled in the firmware, but don't actually have a heated bed, AND your pins are swapped, the bed temperature will never be reached, and the temp control will appear to not be working. THis also happend if you try and run RAMPS without thermistors, but clearly that is not the case here.
Re: RAMPS 1.2 do not stop heating extruder
July 01, 2011 10:56AM
Repsnapper v2 from https://github.com/timschmidt/repsnapper i think its latest version. My FW is sprinter version. Tested changing pins before. D8, 9, 10 should be fine.
Ill try to swap thermistor now (T0, T1). Looks realy dum from me, not to try it yet. Hope this is the problem...

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