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Posted by jason60069 
July 10, 2011 04:12PM
Can these motors be used with RAMPS electronics?

Re: Motors
July 10, 2011 08:23PM
Short answer is yes.
4.8kg/cm of torque is plenty
Re: Motors
July 17, 2011 07:53PM
Grogyan Wrote:
> Short answer is yes.
> 4.8kg/cm of torque is plenty

Wait, I also saw that the motor has a different voltage rating than the motor that is sold here.
Re: Motors
July 20, 2011 06:54PM
Does the voltage of the motor matter?
Re: Motors
July 20, 2011 07:53PM
Not with modern electronics that can limit how much current goes into it. The ultimate limit is how much current the motor will take. (how many amps). The stated voltage is how much voltage applied directly to the motor will drive it at its highest current. As in, what size battery you can just hook to the leads and not burn it out. However, you can also limit current by actively turning on and off the power, which is what modern electronics do so don't need to limit themselves to the rated voltage. (Though, if you are testing the motors without a controller, for instance to see if your salvaged motors work or figure out the wiring by hooking up a battery, then don't exceed the rated voltage)

At a high enough voltage the insulators will break down, but 12V should be well below that. You will hit the current limit before that. Now if you tried it with 240V, that would be a different matter. smiling smiley

Just turn down your current limiting pots on your stepper drivers and slowly increase them until the motor runs smoothly, too high and the motor will get too hot and burn out so be sure to keep an eye on the motor during the calibration process. feel it occasionally to see how hot it is getting, with 4.8 kg-cm you should have plenty of leeway being able to get a strong step well before you get near the current limit.

Note the original electronics couldn't limit current properly so needed really beefy expensive motors so you will occasionally see a reference to that on the wiki/forums. any setup >= Gen3 has proper drivers for which a wide variety of motors will work for.

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Re: Motors
September 12, 2011 12:42PM
I would like to add that I just got these motors in a few days ago and they do work. I am still adjusting the pots but they handled the z and x axes so far. They have not even begun to get warm either.
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