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Another RepRap

Posted by purplealien 
Another RepRap
October 01, 2012 10:12AM
Hi Everyone,

Stumbled onto the user group while searching the site. Would be great to hear from anyone else who is 3D printing here in the Philippines. I am having some issues with my machine but hope to have them fixed this week. I am down here in Cebu....
Re: Another RepRap
October 07, 2012 05:59AM
Medyo mabagal ang usad ng 3d printing sa pinas . . .ano printer setup mo? ala ako sa pinas pero baka makatulong ..
Re: Another RepRap
January 12, 2013 06:26PM

How is your Reprap machine doing? I am planning to build mine this year. I am from Dumaguete City.
Re: Another RepRap
January 13, 2013 12:12AM
Some one on another topic has posted that he has finished his repstrap . .and I know a few others are in their building/gathering of materials . .
Re: Another RepRap
February 03, 2013 11:23AM
I have a reprap Printrbot Design (You can change it into Prusa, Mendel, etc. depends to your liking and stability designs) I left with my pamangkin ready to run and use, problem is its too technical for her to use she cant operate and maintain so I decided to sell it to someone who can troubleshoot and operate RepRap 3D Printer. Im selling as-is as a whole package with PLA Filaments included. Everythings running perfect, problem is I am not around for demo and testing. Serious buyers for pickup only in Valenzuela area. No warranty as I bought it from US but guaranteed working as I able to print samples during my vacation stay in the Philippines. This is the real deal for 3D Printing you can txt me to this number 09982112878 (TXT only as I am abroad so txt me your best offer as I can also bid this item). I can email you the videos of this printer running while 3D Printing.

This 3D Printer is assembled first week of January 2013 so all parts, electronics, motors, heaters, etc. are Brand New

No Warranty so I am only selling this to someone who has already a background knowledge about CNC, Automation, Reprap, electronics, programming, maintenance, calibration, and troubleshooting. Definitely not for beginners like commercial branded printers to operate.

Here are the specs:

Original Ramps 1.4 with Arduino Mega Rev3 Board
Original J-Head Hotend MK-VB with 0.35 Orifice Nozzle original from hotends.com
5pcs. Stepper Motors Nema 17
12V 30Amps Power Supply
Original Prusa Heat Bed with Glass for 3D Printing surface
Uses 9pcs. LM8UU Bearings for linear motion
2pcs. Aluminum Couplings for heavy duty use
Various colors of PLA 3mm Filaments ready for 3D Printing. PLA Filaments 3mm in colors Gold, Red, Blue, Amber, Cream White, Light Green / Dark Green, Purple, Lilac, Brown, Pink
Ready to Run and use just plug and play (Familiar in Repraps only to operate this), but you need to install software such as Printrun or Pronterface to run this baby loading your GCODE

I can supply parts, filaments kaya lang depends sa dami ng orders because we are considering the shipping costs there. I can bring items personally every uwi ko ng Pinas.

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Re: Another RepRap
September 27, 2013 05:15AM
Its been a while, (has it really been a year !) Fixed the problem with my printer, turned out it was the software. Change to using Slic3r and things started working smiling smiley

Have been printing quite a few things, and noticed that there is a lot more activity on 3D printing here in the Philippines. I demoed my machine to a few high schools
and universities in Tacloban a few weeks ago. Created a lot of interest.

I just switched to some new PLA I sourced in NewZealand, very impressed with the quality of the print. However just as I was getting back into printing, my hot end
let go. The resistor and thermocouple leads snapped off. Argghhhh. Some parts are on order. hopefully will get them in a week or so.

We are now living in a rather remote part of southern leyte, but still interested in making contact with other owners, builders etc.
Re: Another RepRap
September 28, 2013 12:21AM
hi purplealien,

i'm building my third reprap. nice to know that there are more people building 3d printers locally. pm me. lets exchange notes grinning smiley
Re: Another RepRap
October 02, 2013 03:49AM
Hi you are in Manila. I am printing here in Manila.
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