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AutoX3D printer

Posted by metzindustries 
AutoX3D printer
June 07, 2014 10:17PM
Coming this June 2014. The AutoX3D printer.

Made in Antipolo Rizal, Philippines


Price 100k pesos (firm) plus VAT

Software: simplify3D, or Repetier, or Cura

Simplify 3D included ($140US value)

Steel frame lasered from 1.8mm steel plate and CNC bent.
Giant 65mm stepper motors
2 print heads air cooled, our own original design.
Supports high temp plastics up to polycarbonate
Heated bed
Build area 13x13x14 inches
Belt drive x,y axis. Ball screw Z axis.
We use linear bearings, NO BUSHINGS
All brand new parts. NO JUNKSHOP PARTS
Stepper motors have cooling system
Bowden filament feed.

You can view the printer at our shop in Antipolo or our distributor in Pasig with more distributors to come.

It is a massive strong industrial machine. Built for those long 72 hour print jobs.
Re: AutoX3D printer
August 30, 2014 10:04PM
Few small changes on the printer.

Build area is reduced to 12x12x13 due to using proximity sensor end stops.

SSR on the heat bed.

Print heads are now water cooled.

Machine speeds reliable at 425mm sec

Print head capable of 450c firmware limited to 330c

Industrial grade power supply

Industrial grade switches

Quick release print heads. Changing print heads is simple and conviement. You can order additional print heads for your polycarbonate PET and other plastics.

Calibrated Industrial grade heat sensors

Price is 150k with one year warranty.

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