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Read First - Lets Discuss and Meet: Parts/Building/Instruction

Posted by owism8 
Read First - Lets Discuss and Meet: Parts/Building/Instruction
March 04, 2011 05:12PM
Hello to all in the Capital District of New York!

My Name is Owais and it seems I'm the pioneer from our area to start this forum, and its an honor.

If your in this area, please let me know. We can meet to discuss how to work on RepRap as a community, find local parts suppliers (rods, bolts, nuts, plastics, and genius's), and ofcourse just hangout and eat pizza cool smiley

My goal is to produce and enhance RepRap as well as supply them as cheap as possible to Educational Institutes both Public and Private in our Capital District Area and eventually in all the world ofcourse!

I have an educational background in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, but I have more experience in Systems Engineering (such as the RepRap).

I am working on a Masters in Technology Education and am also working on a curriculum which will be able to teach children how to create objects in 3D CAD (google sketchup) and be able to print them out as physical objects and let students actually feel their own designs and work. This will have an amazing effect on how all students perceive Mathematics and Science.

Please visit the Young Engineers Academy website [www.yeacademy.org]

Please contact me or post on the forum to get in touch and begin some awesome work!

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I am interested in building myself a Rerap. I'm a digital/analog artist and would love to be able to print out my 3D creations! Any help and information would be wonderful...

Hope to hear from you if you haven't abondonded your solitary foothold in the local Reprap business. Now there's 2...

Re: Read First - Lets Discuss and Meet: Parts/Building/Instruction
August 24, 2012 03:10PM
Sure I can help you if you need assistance in building one. There are many sources out there to purchase a reprap. I have a huxley which I am not using anymore which I am willing to sell. It needs a little tune up, but I did all the building for you already and It does operate very well. Please let me know.
Lol, I haven't checked back since posting it seems, thanks for your prompt reply regardless. I sure would like some assistance and info, but I would also be interested in your existing Huxley depending on price and how much tuning up it would need. Thanks alot, I'll try to check back here more often!

I'm very interested in getting together to discuss projects as well. I'm sourcing the parts for a mendel right now for my daughter and I to tinker with. If anyone else (or the original posters) are interested, please post here. Let's do this.
Re: Read First - Lets Discuss and Meet: Parts/Building/Instruction
October 11, 2012 07:06PM
would you be interested in a hackerspace setup? Im interseted in looking into a location for it. I have built a huxley with good results.
Dear Owism8:

As of this time, ITT-Tech at the Albany campus is trying to start an electronics club. This could be a possible location you are looking for. Currently, they are meeting on Tuesdays at 4:30pm. Are you inerested? Can you bring your Huxley for a demostration?

Sincerely yours,
2011 ITT-Tech Grad
Re: Read First - Lets Discuss and Meet: Parts/Building/Instruction
July 12, 2013 07:06AM
I am very interested in wanting to learn how to build an RepRap I would like all the help that I can get because navigating through this Wiki is very confusing and I am not certain how to start I am interested in building everything from scratch but the information seems to indicate that you needed to buy a kit parts and I am not certain how to build it from scratch without already buying pre made kit part I am more of a visual and hands on learner so it would be of great benefit for me to learn hands-on thank you very much

I am located in the cohoes Guilderland Albany Schenectady area and would be very interested in networking with other individuals who are undertaking this project
Re: Read First - Lets Discuss and Meet: Parts/Building/Instruction
February 28, 2017 07:41AM
Hey Folks,

I'm up here in Glens Falls starting up a makerspace group. I've already built a CNC machine and 3D ScrapRap (as i call it), and I'm collecting more scraps to build a bunch more in a workshop for people interested in building their own printers and having hands on help in the process.

I will try to post some pictures of my ScrapRap and CNC which are still not fine tuned but I can't help but start using them for projects lol. I did post two vids on my youtube.com/weaverzinc if you really want to see them. The 3D printer uses some interesting combination of parts.. bike chain for example)

Anyways hope to get to know some of you and see what you have going on!

Miles of Smiles!

Re: Read First - Lets Discuss and Meet: Parts/Building/Instruction
February 28, 2017 07:42AM
I know this post is a little late.. how did the build go?
Re: Read First - Lets Discuss and Meet: Parts/Building/Instruction
February 28, 2017 07:43AM
Is this group still going? I'm a few years late however I'm very very interested in getting back into electronics with others...

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