looking for help for a first build
September 26, 2012 01:53PM
hello, im looking for help.
im in Staffordshire and im interested in starting to build a prusa printer.
not sure where to start. and was wondering if somebody could point me the right way.

im thinking that i should start with the framework? i do believe i can source the threaded rod nuts and washers from where i work.
but my first question is can somebody supply me with the printed parts?
also i have no idea about the electronics.
i think i could wire it up maybe. but i don't know how to or if i was buying the right parts...i imagine this part of the build to be far away yet any way.
one other worry of mine is the extruder heated part???
is this part brought whole somewhere and then plugged in and ready im not sure,

any help to kick me in the right direction would be great full.
Re: looking for help for a first build
September 27, 2012 03:32PM
If you're mobile, you could do worse than go to one of the meetups. A good starting pont to see what it's about.

Look in 'Contacts info for a get together' on this forum.
Re: looking for help for a first build
September 28, 2012 12:25PM
you know, i think you are right.
im going to venture out.
Re: looking for help for a first build
September 28, 2012 02:30PM
Hi jibajabaa,

You're more than welcome to join us at any of the South West meet ups, but possibly the Manchester area might be your best bet for finding the nearest RUG. I suspect nophead (hydraraptor.blogspot.com) might have a good idea of what's going on up your way. You could try PM'ing him. He might even be able to print you some Prusa parts. Though his printers may be tied up printing parts for his Mendel90 design.

Speaking of which, as a Prusa owner, and knowing how much time it took to set it up accurately, with greatest respect to Jo Prusa, I think you should also consider Mendel90, MendelMax or possibly even the Bukobot (though I'm not sure all the files are publicly available yet) as your first printer. Regarding MendleMax and Bukobot, you might not be aware just how easy it is to buy accurately cut Bosch-Rexroth aluminium section from the likes of http://www.aluminium-profile.co.uk/acatalog/Aluminium_Profile.html Using this will reduce construction time, possibly reduces your parts count and all-but ensure proper alignment. I've been quoted £450 for self building a MendelMax - a Prusa will cost around the same and be no where near as rigid. That's in no way saying the Prusa is bad, (mine's served me very well) I just think there are now much sturdier printers around.

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