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New Reprapper (Bath)

Posted by Azrael_UK 
New Reprapper (Bath)
November 15, 2013 05:19AM
Not sure if this is suitable for this group but if not can the mods please delete

New Reprapper here based just south of Bath. Just got my Prussa i2 finally working well after much messing around and starting to design and print actually useful objects! Thought I'd introduce myself to the group and say hello.

Name : Steve
Printer : Prussa i2 ( but already mentally designing a new one )
Location : South of Bath
Occupation : Electronic/Electrical Engineer
Age : 34

Working Printer :

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Prussa i2 Comissioned 4-Nov-2013
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Re: New Reprapper (Bath)
November 15, 2013 04:12PM
Hi Steve,

Congratulations getting your printer up & going. What electronics did you use?Anything in particular you look to print ?


Re: New Reprapper (Bath)
November 15, 2013 05:00PM
Hi Mike,

Thanks, It's running a quite modified GEN-7 V1.5 electronics. The main reason for making it is to print parts for my work, support brackets, insulators, that sort of thing. All the stuff with fiddly shapes that are reasonably easy to draw but a pain the ass to make on the milling machine. So far though it's mostly been making upgraded parts for it's self, and it does need a new heated bed because the current one was made using some brass and ceramic resistors I had laying around and 60W isn't enough with the fan on it. The upgrade I've got the parts for but not built yet will be a 2-circuit bed, 80+50W on a 5mm thick aluminium plate, with ceramic insulation backing. I'm also going to tap the fixing bolts into the bed so that they sit completely flush to the surface which should get me an extra 20mm of so of X-axis travel


Prussa i2 Comissioned 4-Nov-2013
Bitcoin : 1Jcrg5czBtNfKyS4sCjFAamJTcSYdTGk9h
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