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Alibaba vs AliExpress – Which One is Best for [Dropshipping]?

geschrieben von johncampbell 
Alibaba vs AliExpress – Which One is Best for [Dropshipping]?
07. February 2019 01:34
Hello Everybody,
Note: This is the german community but I ask a question in english. Would be great if you translate this using google translate.

As we all know Alibaba and AliExpress both are the part of Alibaba group of companies. Mostly alibaba cover businesses instead of individual customers. Meanwhile, AliExpress focuses on individual customers, But what is the main difference between both are?
I also read several posts about like this one difference Between Alibaba and AliExpress but want some other opinions.

Any help will be appreciated.

Re: Alibaba vs AliExpress – Which One is Best for [Dropshipping]?
07. February 2019 03:54
The main difference i saw as a customer of both is that AliExpress is geared towards providing low volume. You won't get single items or small numbers from Alibaba, but if you need a crate of something you get the better deal there. It is not so much about if you as a customer are a business or not, it is about the volume. Also there are many related issues like shipping, customs, taxes, warranties, payments etc. that are handled differently at the scale Alibaba works.

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