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building a SAE Prusa mendel

Posted by foreverknight 
building a SAE Prusa mendel
June 07, 2012 12:54PM
I know this group hasn't had much traffic in the last year or so and to be honest i was just introduced to the reprap project and idea a few months ago. so there started the journey. As of today I have all my bars and threaded rod cut and most of the washers screws and nuts. the heated bed and plastic are both on their way. I wanted to make a thread here so i could catalog my progress and so people in the dallas fort worth area could understand the pitfalls that i ran into so that they could avoid them. if anyone has any questions feel free to pm me here. everyone have a great day.

Jason Haddock

Student Western Governors University
Electronics Technician
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Re: building a SAE Prusa mendel
November 19, 2012 04:13PM
I'm nearling completion on a MendelCraft 12x12. Just need to complete the wiring.

I'm out in Rockwall...
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