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Dual Z axis not working

geschrieben von enkrs 
Dual Z axis not working
01. June 2018 15:30
Hello all i`m new to the forum and have a burning question
i`m using Marlin 1.1.8? and this is my setup

Anet A8 with MKS gen 1.4 board
Using the DRV8824 Drivers
Dual Z Axis
Standard heatbed

Z1 Does work but turns much slower than Z2
Also in the configuration.h i have set the motherboard to


  //#define Z_DUAL_ENDSTOPS
    //#define Z2_USE_ENDSTOP _XMAX_

Both of the motors work
Drivers are OK and checked but Z1 is moving much slower than Z2
Please advise if i have missed something

With kind regards from the netherlands.

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