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Protos Firmware

geschrieben von zurferjoe 
Protos Firmware
11. May 2020 13:39
Hji fellow Protos V3 owners , sorry I can only write in English as my german writing is not good ! I wonder if anybody out there has the V3 Protos firmware that I could download , as I dont seem to be able to find it by German RepRap where I bought it . Other wise the printer has been ok , after many improvements and upgrades . Hope you can help me , stay safe and healthy all the best Harry
Re: Protos Firmware
11. May 2020 14:12
... you can try to find the old files with the "waybackmachine" - here a snapshot from May 2015:


Aufruf zum Projekt "Müll-freie Meere" - [reprap.org] -- Deutsche Facebook-Gruppe - [www.facebook.com]

Call for the project "garbage-free seas" - [reprap.org]
Re: Protos Firmware
16. May 2020 16:22
Hallo Zuferjoe,

enanced please find the original files provided with comments.

You have to see which configuration you need.

Extruders and heatbed.


Öffnen | Download - v2.1-protos_v3-2ex_hb_sd_lcd.zip (312.5 KB)
Öffnen | Download - v2.1-protos_v3-2ex_hb_sd_lcd-1.zip (312.5 KB)
Öffnen | Download - v2.2-protos_v3-2ex_hb_sd_lcd.zip (312.5 KB)
Re: Protos Firmware
11. June 2020 06:13
Hello Wolfgang ,thank you very much for the info ! Now we are up and running ! I got the software from Github ,its the Repieter software fron German RepRap ,as I had not looked at this account for ages !! But I was not lazy all this time as I had time to think !

I have now altered my V3 to print 220x220x165mm , and it was easy ,and just needed two new parts costing €6 .I just put

8mm spacers underneath the two Z motor plates, put a longer piece of flat steel for the x end stop ,
so that it does not touch the inner frame and altered the height of the Z stop .And two shorter connectors on the Z rod ends .Altered the Arduino Marlin specs and off we go .And its easy to return to standard if you need to .I also fitted two Mosfets ,one for the hotend and one for the heated bed ,as Im fedup with burning the green connectors ,and connected the Mosfets to the Power supply supplied with the printer ,as there are so many sources of 12 volt power there .And since the no problems So thank you very much happy printing ,

stay safe

Öffnen | Download - IMG_5696.JPG (68.7 KB)
Öffnen | Download - IMG_5698.JPG (78.1 KB)
Öffnen | Download - IMG_5699.JPG (111.5 KB)
Öffnen | Download - IMG_5700.JPG (103.6 KB)
Öffnen | Download - IMG_5701.JPG (102.9 KB)
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