Update Anycubic i3+ firmware
15. August 2019 05:58
Hello everybody,
I have a AnyCubic i3+, not the mega, and I'm trying to modify it, to print chocolate, but after I mounted the extension pack, I wanted to print. I didn't worked, because the Extruder wanted to be at atleast 180°, so I run a file that should set the temperature limit down, but after I run the file, the Heat Bed didn't moved anymore. So because I already know a little bit C, I installed marlin 1.1.9, tried to calibrate it with the files I found online, but a bunch of errors came back. So I tried it with the Anet A8 software (that was already as example in the downloaded files for marlin), because they are actually pretty similar. Everything went fine, until I restarted the 3D-Printer. Then the LCD-Screen turned on, but nothing appeared, besides of every second line completely filled with white blocks. Now I waited about 15 minutes, and still nothing happens.
Re: Update Anycubic i3+ firmware
15. July 2020 07:16
Hi LT.

did you solve the problem already? I´m stuck at the same point and already checked the firmware where to change the screen. Unfortunately i did not make any progress yet.

Greetings from germany and thanks for your answer..
Re: Update Anycubic i3+ firmware
15. July 2020 07:24
Hi b_man190,
as you may have seen from my name, I'm also from Germany. But I will anyways write in English, so any other user can follow the the conversation. I made a new firmware. If I find it, I will psot it here. Uploading is at you own risk, and my scrollwheel doesn't work since the update, I'm not quite sure why. So I always have to print via a USB-cable.


P.S.: Wenn du mich Privat kontaktieren willst, meine e-mail währe keks.baum121@gmail.com. Ich habe auch noch Disocrd und WhatsApp, aber e-Mail hat glaube ich jeder. Ich würde mich freuen wenn du mir schriebst, da wir eventuell gemeinsam das Problem lösen können.
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