Home Offset/Home position problem
06. December 2020 13:21
Hello everyone,

I just reinstalled Marlin and OctoPrint on my Ender 3 and upgraded to a Hemera. Because the Hemera has a different position as the standard Hotend I adjusted the Home offset using M206 and saved it with M500. This did not work. Then I decided to Configure my Home position in Marlin, reset the Offset and tried again. It didn't work. I then tried using an offset and a new homing position as perhaps that would help. But still the positioning is still messed up when homing z (should drive X and Y to the middle and use my BLTouch, which' offset I also configured in Marlin and double checked) or when leveling the bed for example. Just in general after Homing the Nozzle is not located at the proper location. I then configured my Marlin Bed size min to be a negative value so that in the case the Head couldn't move bcs of Soft end stops or something similar that wouldn't be the case. Did not help either. What am I missing out? I also put a Hot glue stick to my printing head which should collide with the end stop earlier, that kind of worked but still made everything messed up and isn't a permanent solution. What am I missing out on? I am running Marlin 2.0, on a SKR V1.3 on what used to be an Ender 3. I have a BLTouch configured as Z probe.

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