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2.54mm crimp connectors for ramps

geschrieben von rsussman 
2.54mm crimp connectors for ramps
05. September 2016 11:40

I have a Prusa kit (MakerFarm Pegasus) and the stepper motors came pre-wired with four-pin connectors to plug into the Ramps board. To clean up (and shorten) the wiring I'd like to attach new connectors.

Searching, I found a recommendation to get these female crimp connectors from Harwin:


I ordered the above part, however the above female rectangular "socket" connectors seem too loose when pushed onto the male rectangular pins on the ramps board. The result is that the stepper motor connector is not secure and slides right off of the pins on the ramps board.

The connectors that were originally on the stepper motor wires grip very tightly on the ramps header pins. They have very similar dimensions but when comparing the above Harwin connector and the original connector side-by-side the original one does look like a tighter / cleaner "square" for the header pin to mate to.

Perhaps there is an equivalent part from another vendor that grips tighter? Perhaps I got a bad batch? Perhaps I'm not crimping these properly and part of the crimp process would cause these to grip tighter?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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