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Additional Servo motor with Rambo

geschrieben von TomRett 
Additional Servo motor with Rambo
28. December 2022 10:44
Dear all,
I have a question driving an additional Servo motor with a Rambo board using Marlin firmware.

The Rambo board we are using is v1.3L.

So far I could drive an additional servo. I am using a servo motor Graupner DES 678 88 BB with 4,8 to 6 Volts with a current of 790 mA to 1170 mA. (Graupner Servo Specs))
I am using the following pins:
#define SERVO0_PIN 22 // Motor header MX1 for servo motor

I tried to switch to a stronger servo motor from amazon with the following specifications:
Electrical Specification: Idle current(at stopped):4mA(5V)/5mA(6.8V) Operating speed (at no load):0.16 sec/60°(5V)/0.14sec/60°(6.8V) Stall torque (at locked):18 kg-cm(5V)/21.5 kg-cm(6.8V) Stall current (at locked):1.8A(5V)/2.2A(6.8V) Control Specification: Control System PWM(Pulse width modification) Pulse width range:500~2500μsec Neutral position:1500μsec Running degree:180°or 270°(when 500~2500μsec) Dead band width:3 μsec Operating frequency:50-330Hz Rotating direction:Counterclockwise(when 500~2500 μsec)
Miuzei Specs

Is there any chance to get this kind of servo to run or is the maximum ampere output to limited on this pins? Is there a chance to use other pins which can generate more power? Or is the problem somewhere different?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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