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New to forum and new build.

Posted by Troz 
New to forum and new build.
April 16, 2013 07:28PM
Hi Guys,

First off, I see there's a bit of a lack of interest in Canberra on this technology which is upsetting so once I get my project up and running I am willing to help out anyone else that's looking to get in to it.

I'm in the process of pricing the BoM for a Rostock Delta with a few homemade adjustments but I'm looking for the best place to get the printed parts I need to get the build going, the only place I've found is about $80 shipped from Ireland so I'm curious if anyone here knows somewhere cheaper/closer to home to get these from?

Thanks in advance.
Re: New to forum and new build.
April 17, 2013 02:00AM
Hey mate,


I'm from Melbourne so i'm not sure what's available in Canberra for you but if you're looking for printed parts you have a few options:

1. Buy them and get them shipped. I got my parts around this time last year from create3d.com.au. This shop is run by a forum member who goes by the username Triffid Hunter who has a wealth of knowledge to help you get started. If I remember correctly, i got plastics for a Printrbot for about $65 plus postage. I couldn't be bothered waiting and searching around and just wanted my printer built so I opted for this option. He can also advise which parts to print in which material as well. I had a mix of PLA and ABS parts.

2. Ask some forum members nicely (or you're local Hackerspace, if one exists) to print the parts for you at only the price of the plastic or for free. I've heard of instances where people have printed parts for another persons' first build for free with the condition of you doing the same for another once you're up and running - you know in the spirit of Reprap.

Note: It may be best (or required) that you research and find the exact version of printer and STLs you want printed to ensure you get what you expect.

Good Luck with it all.
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