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The easy way

Posted by Ant 
The easy way
October 30, 2008 08:02AM
Hi everyone. I'm not actually from Houston, but my friend who is also building a RepRap is from Houston area.

I'm designing a new version of a RepRap, sort of. Actually, I consider the RepRap functionality only a bonus feature. I believe RepRap by itself will not solve all the worlds problems, but rather a combination of a few things will solved the world's problems.

Anyway, I was thinking of designing this thing one way, making it, and then changing out parts once it has 3D printing capability. The problem with that, however, is it takes extra time which I don't have. This is going to be hard enough without the need to design the mechanics twice.

The simple solution to this, is if someone with a working RepRap was to help out, we could design the mechanics only once. We could drastically reduce the amount of work required simply by having someone with a RepRap supply parts that I'd design for this new unit.

Basically I'd like to find someone willing to make parts. I'd pay for the plastic. It's that simple.

Our design will be radically different. It uses $1 motors (surplus). The whole unit will probably cost only a few hundred dollars for materials.

Here's what my current design looks like, but that may change. It is mostly welded steel construction, not a lot of RepRap parts needed. I'm hoping to get enough rigidity to cut steel with small cutters. The frame is easily rigid enough, but the vertical travel units might have some difficulty. I believe I can fix those problems though. It's primary design function is for assembly of electronics parts, which it'll do on one of the shelves. The big open area at the bottom is for 3D printing, milling, and various other things. The same design can do many different functions, the shelves can be used for storage or various other things.

So if someone would be willing to make some parts for us, it'll save me some mechanical design time, and allow me more time for programming and electronics.

By the way, my friend is setting up an inventor's club, if anyone is interested.

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