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I prusia printer Sintron, Mk8 ramps 1.4 marlin quits 30% in

Posted by cadcygnus 
I prusia printer Sintron, Mk8 ramps 1.4 marlin quits 30% in
May 05, 2017 08:04PM
Had this printer for about two years. Did some long prints after not using it for about 6 months. The prints came out perfect on maybe 10) 6 hour prints. Now the printer stops about 30% into an hour print.
I changed out the ramps board 1.4. Changed out the power convertor both with new equipment. I flashed the board with the old ardruno software I got from Sintron when I bought the printer. I used two flies not sure which one I used the first time. So I flashed it with Marlin_v1 for the lcd 2004 board. It printed for about an hour like it should of. Then it quit about 30% into the print again.
I then flashed it with Marlin_v1 for lcd 12864. I have the 2004 lcd screen reader.
One thing I did notice on the old ramps that I replaced on the board after I examined it, was the lead contact to the hot bed was corroded off. The solder joint crystallized and caked some filament on the end. I brushed it down and re soldered it back on.
I am thinking that doing those 6 hour prints may have been too much for this little printer.
Now I am back to square one where it stops in the middle of a print about 30% in. Even with fast print settings. Any ideas where else to look? I am thinking it could be software related now.
My hot bed is set too 70 degrees on the first two layers. Then it drops to 60.
My hot end is set too 210 on the first two layers then sets back to 200. Using hatchbox pla. It is good filament.
The picture is the same model I have from Sintron.
All of the replaced parts are from the same company.
open | download - maxresdefault (Medium).jpg (85.7 KB)
open | download - Marlin.ino (1.8 KB)
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