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Poposal: Sunday January 13 - afternoon (4 hour) construction meeting in Katy

Posted by RoundSparrow 
Poposal: Sunday January 13 - afternoon (4 hour) construction meeting in Katy
January 02, 2008 11:04PM
Our Fuzzy's Pizza meeting facility worked so well... I suggest we plan a meeting soon with the goal of it being hands-on construction and testing.

I would suggest 12:30pm to 4:30pm.

I would say we need to have at least 5 confirmed attendees to make this kind of time commitment worthwhile.

The last meeting was suggested only a few days before... we are 11 days out on this one, I think that should be plenty of time to see who is serious enough to show up.

P.S. I would encourage issues like getting the extruder bearings cut in half we try to put on the table to have solved by that meeting / people who need boards soldered, etc. I already have a couple spare boards soldered up, extra plastic I can donate to people, etc. That way we can maybe help people out with areas they find difficult or where they are waiting on orders to be filled.

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Re: Poposal: Sunday January 13 - afternoon (4 hour) construction meeting in Katy
January 03, 2008 12:36AM
It sounds like a good idea. The sooner we get one working model, the faster the other ones will develop.
Jim looks like he's pretty close on the McWire setup.
I can finish soldering my other boards by then and have a 1st gen system electronics and you (after fixing your wires) should have a 2nd gen system and extruder head (after a new thermistor).
I would think that except for some true capa, we could put together a working (very slow) repstrap. I'm not sure who else is building Darwin, but I like the design of the system so it would help me with printed parts. The BOM for the parts at McMaster is almost $400 though. I did find a way to take almost 150 off of that, but money is still an issue for me, so I'm in no immediate rush just yet.
On the other hand, I did mention making a system to make the long stands of capa (similar to the HDPE that sells on the site). So if anyone has a decent amount they'll let me use for the tests that would help. I have a few designs in mind already.
I'm looking for a good source of 5/16 smooth steel rods. It was suggested I look at local steel shops (since home depot charges 3.80, more than I want to pay). Anyone know a place in Houston / North Houston.

I don't really see too much of an issue with the extruder bearings, but that's after I've gotten my dremell in some tight places. If anyone needs that done there I can probably help (as long as someone can bring some vise grips). I think it might be a little loud though for the area.

I know my drive isn't as long as Stephens, but I would like to make sure we are going to be productive so I suggest a prewritten list of targeted acomplishments for this specific meet. I hope that doesn't make me sound pretentious, but I'm a lazy SOB who needs results from any work.

I got my live CD to run my stepmotor tests, but the way. I still can't get windows to run it. Still working on it though.

Re: Poposal: Sunday January 13 - afternoon (4 hour) construction meeting in Katy
January 03, 2008 10:38AM
Since that meeting I've started a new thread here on the forums and now it is more clear to me that HDPE needs more like 220c instead of the 160c I was using. Also these high temps seem to really push the JBWeld and other materials... so this will be a good issue to focus on (hopefully we can play with multiple extruders at the same time at the meeting).
These posts are years old any one still in existence let me see a post in 2013 atleast!
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