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Notes from the 2nd H-RUG/T-RUG meeting

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Anonymous User
Notes from the 2nd H-RUG/T-RUG meeting
January 05, 2008 12:11PM
The second meeting was very successful. Myself, Kelly, Dylan, and RoundSparrow all met and discussed different areas of the project. Let me tell you it is easy to get sidetracked on subjects, like what can be done to improve the RepStrap, or the existing extruder head, etc

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Re: Notes from the 2nd H-RUG/T-RUG meeting
January 11, 2008 06:59PM
Thanks for the great write-up.

We even had visitors from the Pizza place asking about RepRap and I also experienced similar while I was in Brooklyn working on my laptop (I was in Brooklyn for 10 days and ate out for every meal, so was often in public places working on my laptop for a few hours a day). Anyway, few things keep coming to mind on unique things of the RepRap project:

1. Explaining to people that commercial machines already exist. For under $20,000. For many, the whole idea is new and they overlook that we didn't invent the concept. A lot of what RepRap is trying to do is to do this cheaper / inexpensive / open / more flexible.

1a. The [email protected] project has complete kits for sale but I think more in the $2200 price range instead of RepRap targeting $600 here in the USA (likely even less). I think to a degree that is why complete RepRap kits aren't a big focus yet, as RepRap project development is still focused on bringing cost down first. In other words, there isn't much drive for "a complete RepRap kit at any cost" - cost seems to be a common consideration for most people on this project.

2. That there are already many open projects doing CNC machines and other robotic things. It is the extrusion of melted plastic or other materials that defines RepRap to me. There are unique issues/problems that CNC does not have. Things like temperature control, feeding material, etc.

I say this as I see a lot of excitement (again and again) when I talk to people... But when I listen to what people are saying, I observe: Many have an immediate desire to have a working unit and discuss how it could be of great use; but RepRap is still more in the development stage [and they seem less interested in helping further that development]. Or I find people want to do something other than plastic extrusion and really are after the electronics/robotics side of the project.

I don't wish to discourage newcomers as much as make sure they understand what projects are already out there. I think [email protected] is pretty well known among the RepRapper group but I'm also pointing people to:


Anyway, in the few months I've been involved with RepRap I've learned to appreciate the years of work that have already been put in by others on the project. I think it is important that we take care to educate people on the project objectives. "Open Development" is new to a lot of people, they don't get that we aren't trying to sell RepRap - we are trying to _develop_ RepRap winking smiley

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Re: Notes from the 2nd H-RUG/T-RUG meeting
January 13, 2008 12:37AM
I have not heard from anyone new here so the four of us should just meet up at my house around noon. I check to see if anyone else has posted here tomorrow and if so, we will meet them at Fuzzy's Pizza.

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