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PLA and ABS 3mm and 1.75mm

Posted by wilsonj 
PLA and ABS 3mm and 1.75mm
June 12, 2012 09:03PM
Hope this doesn't contravene forum protocol, but I would like to announce the opening of our store. Although we don't deal with reprap parts directly, we do sell filaments and a few other products that might be of interest. Presently have free shipping also.

Filaments currently in stock:

Natural, ABS 3, 1.75
White, ABS 3, 1.75
Green, ABS 3, 1.75, PLA 3, 1.75
Yellow, ABS 3, 1.75, PLA 3, 1.75
Purple, ABS 3, 1.75
Orange, ABS 3, 1.75
Red, ABS 3, 1.75
Pink, ABS 3, 1.75
Blue, ABS 3, 1.75, PLA 3, 1.75
Black, ABS 3, 1.75
Grey, ABS 3, 1.75
Glow in the dark blue, ABS 1.75, PLA 1.75

Thanks for looking

Re: PLA and ABS 3mm and 1.75mm
June 15, 2012 07:43PM

No, you can sell your 3d printer related stuff here.

Re: PLA and ABS 3mm and 1.75mm
June 18, 2012 02:47AM
Thanks Auzze.
Re: PLA and ABS 3mm and 1.75mm
September 23, 2012 08:09PM
Wow thats classy. Don't worry about starting your own thread, just hijack mine!
Re: PLA and ABS 3mm and 1.75mm
October 23, 2012 04:37AM
Hello guys,

Do you want to get qualified filaments?

This is CHINA BEST TECHNOLOGY LTD. located in HK, spcializing in top-ranking filaments. Our project team is built by engineers from Germany and China.

Advantages of our filaments :

1. Reliable quality: With strict in line quality testing approval by laser & automatic systems.
2. Safe and immediate delivery: Our warehouses in different countries will make sure goods
reach your local place within 7 days
3. Competitive price: CIF Price USD 11-35/kg depending on different markets and quantity.

Pls visit our website: www.3d-printer-filament.com to apply for up to 45% discount off samples for testing!!

Many professionals and home users already became our partners, returning to us with good feedback. Pls contact us if you have interest in trying our products.

Best regards
Cathy Zhan
Email: filament@china-best-technology.com
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