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spinning smiley sticking its tongue out Evolution - 3D Printer (Including 2Kg PLA) - Professional 3D Printing Machine

Posted by 3dstuffmaker 
spinning smiley sticking its tongue out Evolution - 3D Printer (Including 2Kg PLA) - Professional 3D Printing Machine
October 09, 2012 05:34AM
Professional 3D Printer for just $1050 including shipping !

eVOLUTION- Complete Professional 3D Printer :

3D printing gives anyone with an idea the means to be able to build products without investing in mass production. It offer the critical combination of affordability, usability, and accuracy that make products designed by individuals a worthwhile venture.

3D stuffmaker a division of Iprint Technologies sets new standards and provides a highly cost-efficient means of producing numerous designs through its various models. They are used extensively by Inventors, Designers, Engineers and by Educators and also popular among robotics, toy and model makers.


>Prints high quality parts at most affordable price.
>Compact design and clean process makes ideal for any office environment.
>Accurate enough for serious work and simple enough for fun and hobby.
>Eco-friendly, non-hazardous print material. (PLA Included)
>Requires minimal training and expertise
>Evolution is one of the products of Iprint Technologies, one of the best design and good looking, made up of Acrylic and Easy to assemble, can >Produce Good Quality and big size prints of volume 200x200x200 mm. Easy Removable Print plates comes with two different types of Print Plates

Acrylic with Kapton Tape Pasted on it
The Accessories used in Evolution like Extruder, Nozzle can be easily replaceable and Upgradable for further development, Easy to Assemble

The Movements on Evolution is controlled by 3.5 Kg.cm Steppers and Timing Belt of 5.08 Pitch with corresponding pulleys is used here, Smooth movement of X, Y and Z axis is preconfigured in factory, correct calibration is made for Accurate Movements of X, Y and Z axes Steppers. The Machine Requires 12 DC 5 Amps power supply to power on the Printer, needs USB A-B cable to connect and Interact with PC, Gen6 Electronics is used here

which can support Pronterface, thus make 3d printed Parts with Accuracy and highly Reliable. It can produce Shell printing, Linear, Line printing results in Top Quality 3D Printing. Speed may be variable according to the Prints you require

Buy @ Ebay : www.ebay.com.au

Contact Manufacturer for Bulk order /Special Price :
Iprint Technologies Pty Ltd.
476 High Street
Penrith NSW 2750
Sales Enquiries: sales@3dstuffmaker.com
Technical Support: support@3dstuffmaker.com
Telephone : +61 247 213386
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fantastic open look smiling smiley..
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