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800 $ 3d printer with big printer with multi materials

Posted by imecproto 
800 $ 3d printer with big printer with multi materials
February 06, 2013 01:25PM

we use 1 /16 mirco stepping , LCD display , SD card support

and our printing area is bigger than all other printers its come with 250 mm * 250 mm * 200 mm for 800 $(usd) with 6 months minimum warranty for full machinery parts

and also we are providing the 1 kg of pla or abs or polypropylene and shipping charges extra.

* now our machine can go with 3 materials ( we are manufacturing silicon rubber and hdpe as 1.75 mm & 3 mm dia ) once the complete R &D finish then you can also printing in any material from the pla , abs , pp , silicon ruber , hdpe and etc with using same nozzle and extruder .

note for multi material extruder you cant print in the size of 200mm * 200 mm * 200mm and for normal extruder you can only go with abs and pla with 250 mm * 250 mm * 200 mm ( if you want we can also make 300 mm and 500 mm bigger machines ) www.cad3dprint.com
3d printer for sale
call to +91- 9043003838

[www.cad3dprint.com] [cad3dprint.com]
Hi, I was wondering where your price list was on your site as i couldnt find it, thanks
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