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Stepper Motors for Sale

Posted by jakjak444 
Stepper Motors for Sale
September 22, 2013 09:33AM
Hey Guys,

I have some Nema 17 stepper motors for sale.

1-3 for $17 each + postage ($8)
4 for $65 + postage ($8)
5 for $75 + postage ($8)

details as follows:

200 steps per revolution (1.8 deg/step)
2 Phase bipolar 4 wires
Rated Voltage 2V DC
Rated Current 1.2A
Phase Resistance: 1.7 Ohm ± 10% (20º C)
Phase inductance: 4.5 mH ± 20% (1kHz 1 V rms)
Holding torque: 0.4 N.m Min.
Shaft diameter: 5mm / 0.188" (3/16")
Shaft length: 22mm
Motor depth: 40mm

Leads are 700mm long and plug straight into a Ramps board or any other normal 0.1" headers

You can either buy them off my ebay store: [stores.ebay.com.au]

Or just send me an email at morellitechnology(at)gmail.com

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Re: Stepper Motors for Sale
October 25, 2013 11:06PM
Hi Guys,

New order just in, 50 stepper motors sitting on my bench waiting to be sold (:

If you would like any more info send me an email at the adress listed above ^^^^

I also have a variety of bearings and printed parts.

Re: Stepper Motors for Sale
November 19, 2018 07:02PM
Hi Jack( don't say that on a plane). Where are these manufactured? Can you get motors that are capable of more than 200 steps? I am just starting out in this field and are fascinated by anything related so if there are any articles/websites or pages that anyone can suggest I would be very appreciative. I need a Printer that can build extra large parts up to 1200mmX1600mmx2000mm and I am after stepper motors but after a few months I have not gathered enough Information to make design decisions and as of today have only sourced the stainless rails and carriages and still need everything else.All suggestions will be taken in but please do not think you need to be an expert because I have found we all have intelligence as individuals but together we have solutions to all the worlds problems.Thanks.
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