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-=( [intl]Aluhotend-V5A 1.75/3mm with freeshipping $38 )=-

Posted by thejollygrimreaper 
-=( [intl]Aluhotend-V5A 1.75/3mm with freeshipping $38 )=-
January 29, 2014 01:58AM

The AluhotendV5A-1.75mm is built on the V4 Aluhotend, designed for general use high resolution printing with PLA , ABS and NYLON, The nozzle size is 0.3mm and the hotend comes assembled and sealed ready for use at temperatures up to 245c. It features a PTFE liner for a high degree of reliability ,This hotend requires a fan blowing on the heatsink for proper operation.

price is for bare hotend, kits are available with heater cartridges thermistors and ptfe insulation web website for details

contact me via pm
email: thejollygrimreaper@gmail.com
irc: #reprap
website: www.3dindustriesaustralia.com.au

* Price includes shipping anywhere in the world via standard Airmail and does not include a tracking number or insurance certain countries maybe excluded due to past trouble with unreliable mail delivery, if you aren't confident in your local mail service use the "pack and send" or "registered post" options available when you make your purchase,

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