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RepRap Printer parts for sale - Australia

Posted by pushthatbolder 
RepRap Printer parts for sale - Australia
October 06, 2014 04:19AM
Selling parts in Australia and filling a Pre-order of Any 3d Printer parts you need
Quality and Tested, Cheap Prices

Cut off point is 20th October (order now and Pay by between 15th and 20th october)

Message me for prices. Order NOW and PAY LATER!!!
Standard or Express postage

Can pass on lower prices.

If its to do with 3d printing and reprap.
I can get quality parts. I have been testing for 2 months with great success.
Can also pass on that success to you.

Order needs to be in somewhat bulk.
1 or 2 in somethings are fine like Boards, hotends, heatbeds, But it will be cheap enough to order spares
Somethings will need to be orderd in sets, like drivers, pullers, couplers, 70cm cables

you are saving alot of money on tested tech, i have been printing with great quality with these parts
and you save by ordering all parts through one person, and arriving in one package, and everything arrives safely,

someof these are kitted together, so let me know what you need and i will let you know..

A4988 Drivers (1/16 microstepping)
DRV8825 Drivers (1/32 Microstepping)
Extra Heatsinks (although included with drivers
30mm and 40mm colling fans
Ceramic Anti-Static Screwdrivers
Carbon fiber digital calipers
360-degree Servo kits
2 pin rocker switchs
Micro switch SS-5GL's
Nozzle Extruders
Clone Makerbot Heads
Mk2a Heatbeds
Mk3 Heatbeds
J-head hotends
12864 Smart LCD Controller (extra large full graphics with sd support) 
GT2 Belt
All metal long distance hotend
full metal wire hotend
endstops in different styles (with connectors)
70cm 3 pin cables (dupont connectors)
70cm 2 pin cables (dupont connectors)
70cm 4 pin cables (dupont connectors)
ceramic cartridge heaters (with long cable)
t2.5 16tooth pulleys
GT2 Pulley 16 tooth
GT2 Pulley 20 tooth
t2.5 Belt (10m)
GT2 Belt (10m)
GT2 Belt kit (2m Belt and 2x 18t Pulleys)
Bed leveling springs
300mm acme leadscrew
300mm leadsscrew stepper motor
5mm to 8mm coupler (flexible)
5mm to 5mm coupler (flexible)
Endstop limit switch mechV1.2
MK7/MK8 heat block
Optical endstops
100k Ohm thermistors
Knapton tape 33m (20mm)
Belt tension springs
Mega 2560 R3 (tested to be very good, and loads great)
Ramps 1.4 (red or green color) 
MK7 Stainless steel extruder gear
Copper extruder wheel
Thermistors pre-assembled with wire and ready to go
0.4 cleaning nozzle drills
Self lubricating copper sleeve (8mm ID)
Extruder springs (for i3 Extruders and i3 Reworks)
Extruder replacement nozzles (for full metals, and etc)
Nema 17 Mount 'L' Brackets
LM8UU Bearings 
sc8uu Block Bearing
1000pcs set 2mmx 150mm White Cable ties
10m of 8mm Cable Management tube
Kossel All-metal Bowden Extruder


Can also get standard and custom nema14, nema 17 stepper motors. And also nema 17 with custom 2mmpitch leadscrew or 8mm pitch. 
Can also Custom design parts ready for 3d printing format


3D printed Reprap parts in ABS or PLA 
Sturdy Prusa I3 frames from 19mm Black marine ply
Can pre-install Firmware
can give all stepping value

I can help with firmware. Or sell board already with firmware loaded.

I have an ABN and all will be above board.
I will offer the best prices. And accepts paypal or banktransfer.

I am an experienced seller on ebay and will start to sell soon.
Make an order. Pay later and you will save your hard earned cash, (to buy filament, ofcoarse)

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Re: RepRap Printer parts for sale - Australia
October 06, 2014 06:25AM
Also 10mm and 8mm chrome smooth rods at custom lengths (500mm max)
Minimum order qntys apply.
Re: RepRap Printer parts for sale - Australia
October 22, 2014 08:26AM
Dates are still open for preorder. And can still offer low prices.
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