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Use Slic3r!

Posted by Pointedstick 
Use Slic3r!
November 21, 2011 12:59PM
I don't know about others, but I've been getting absolutely fantastic results with Slic3r. Assuming your hardware is up to the task, Slic3r produces really clean gcode, even at very low layer heights. I've gone as low as 0.08mm with no problems. It's also a ton faster then Skeinforge. It still has some bugs—bridging isn't perfect, and it doesn't do support material—But I've found that for the 95% of models that it can slice, it's given me a quantum leap in print quality. Here are some examples from my blog:

0.15 mm layers, 3 perimeters printed at 40 mm/sec, 25% infill printed at 80 mm/sec, 2 hours 55 minutes to print.

0.3 mm layers, 2 perimeters printed at 40 mm/sec, 25% infill printed at 80 mm/sec, 2 hours 35 minutes to print.

0.15 mm layers, 3 perimeters printed at 40 mm/sec, no infill, 2 hours 2 minutes to print.
Re: Use Slic3r!
November 21, 2011 01:41PM
Really nice prints, I'm installing it now.
What is Slic3r doing to give Gcode that produces better results than Skeinforge. Is it generating more intelligent routes? or something else.

Can you specify a solid infill speed differently to the lower % normal infill density? That's something I have wanted for ages.

Re: Use Slic3r!
November 21, 2011 01:56PM
I tried alic3r after your first review and it was definitely fast but had to many bugs. I then tried it again when 0.5.0 was released and it is better than the first release but I still think it has a long way to go. Try slicing something really complicated with lots of small parts and the bugs come out. You may also notice a lot of missing adjustments when it comes to fine tuning.

But it is coming along beautifully and when its done I will most likely be a slic3r user. I love the speed. I have sliced and printed something with it in less time than SF was taking to slice the object.

P.s. There was a bug in SF that would not allow really small layer heights. It would inject E9-e05 when ever it tried creating a move less than its minimum (ie. 0.00000001) and this would cause reversals and other issues. I reported it to Enrique and he fixed it right away. Its fixed in SF45.

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Re: Use Slic3r!
November 23, 2011 07:14PM
I ran into problems slicing a lot of Prusa Mendel stl files from Github with Slic3r. I wish it's more reliable since it is much faster than SF. sad smiley
Re: Use Slic3r!
November 24, 2011 01:58AM
Many of these problems (most of which involve bridging) have since been fixed in the git repo. I hear that new packages should be out soon.
Re: Use Slic3r!
November 24, 2011 07:31AM
I'm very interested in trying slic3r when my prusa is up and running. Does it use volumetric eSteps in the FW ala SF40+?
Re: Use Slic3r!
November 24, 2011 07:39AM
Judging from the settings for filament diameter and packing density which is similar to SF 40+, I think it does.
Re: Use Slic3r!
November 24, 2011 01:07PM
Hello, I'm the author. Thanks Pointedstick! smiling smiley
I started coding Slic3r in mid-September and I'm very motivated to go on.

@Richrap: I have plans for different speed for solid infill as opposed to normal density infill. I will put it in as soon as I find some time to rearrange the GUI.

@brnrd: some Prusa Mendel parts cannot be sliced because OpenSCAD STL output is very dirty and needs robust algorithms and guesswork to be parsed. I definitely want to make Slic3r *very* tolerant, and slicing the Prusa parts is one of my highest priority goals at the moment. Things have improved with 0.5.1 (released today).

@Lsutehall: Volumetric extrusion (as opposed to normal linear E codes) should be supported, as long as you tweak filament diameter and packing density. I'll provide more friendly controls in a new GUI.

I'm very open to contributions, ideas, feedback, candies. Development happens at [github.com] where you can open tickets, discuss features and read what's going on!
Re: Use Slic3r!
November 24, 2011 01:15PM
Also, Slic3r is not very tolerant with non-manifold STL files. Thingiverse has plenty of them. So, the first thing to do if you're not satisfied with the output is to repair the STL file and try again.

STL repair is possible with Meshlab, Netfabb Studio (even the free Basic version) or [cloud.netfabb.com]
Re: Use Slic3r!
November 25, 2011 11:56AM
i chose to do my first prints with slic3r. Thank you Sound.
i sliced the test cube i found (well not a cube as it's not as tall as it is wide)
it's a calibration block . 20mmx20mmx10 the AM is19.81x19.80x10.01
any way it really tested my hardware and i found i needed to tighten my belts more.
i next tried the hollow block it's not even close at the the top and i found i had to re-tighten belts again.
and ad a fan as i am testing with PLA.
so my guess is that i must fix the STL next.
i saw a button or window saying temp 200 what's that for?
Oh i see it over rides the pronterface setting as it adds it to gcode huh?

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Re: Use Slic3r!
November 25, 2011 08:26PM
Thanks for the tips,
Just got my Prusa up and running, in all directions and have printed a pile of dog doo, so far.
I know it's a learning curve, but wanted to say these are examples of what can be achieved.
The other part is to shut the wife up who seems to be sensitive, to fine tuned steppers moving around.
Many thanks for the inspiration, I will get there smiling smiley
Re: Use Slic3r!
November 30, 2011 09:31AM
Sound, your software looks very promizing! And congratulation for such work in a so short time!

You should ask forum admins to add a Slic3r sub-forum, in the Software folder...

Re: Use Slic3r!
November 30, 2011 12:23PM
What would we have to do to get Slic3r its own forum in the software Folder?

Just a thought

Re: Use Slic3r!
December 01, 2011 04:21AM
Ask for it in the "forum administration" subforum.
Re: Use Slic3r!
December 01, 2011 06:41PM
I asked for Slic3r to have its own sub forum and "the powers that be" agreed.

It is here
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