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Blobs on details nad end of loops [marlin/slic3r]

Posted by wulfnor 
Blobs on details nad end of loops [marlin/slic3r]
February 16, 2012 07:36AM
I finished buidling my printer, and i have one last problem that i dont know how to solve.
Yoda test
I printed yoda, and notticed that sometimes when there is tight corner in perimeter hotend just stands still and makes blob of abs. Its like the move is so smal that printer cant do it... also i see some blobing on joints of loops. I dont know what i can change to solve this problem. My steps perr mm for extruder are calibrated, dimensions etc also... im thinking that this is something about feedrates or acceleration, but im not sure.
im using marlin firmware and slic3r.
Thank for your help, and sorry for my english if its bad smiling smiley
Wish I could help, just writing to say I'm having the exact same problem with Marlin/Slic3r, I think. WIth small details, particularly if they have sharp corners, the print head will occasionally between longer paths just travel to a spot and make a blob, then move off to do something else. The blobs are totally out of proportion to everything else the printer is doing and unlike some other kinds of unintentional blobs (like those left when reversal isn't working right) they are really hard to remove or clean up.

I'm thinking it's got to be a problem with Slic3r.
Re: Blobs on details nad end of loops [marlin/slic3r]
March 23, 2012 02:44PM
What do you have your minimum print length set to in Slic3r?
I think the default is 2mm.
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