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Print Size Limitations

Posted by BenitoSanduchi 
Print Size Limitations
April 12, 2012 03:45PM
I have a Lulzbot Prusa Mendel with a Mk1 heated bed, so it has a theoretical max X/Y envelope of 200mm x 200mm. I'm working on printing a prototype for someone that requires me to push my printer to the max in Y and pretty close to it in X. The base of the object should be 180mm x 200mm. There are no physical barriers to the printer being able to do this, but it stops about 10mm shy of both the max X and max Y values. I'm using Pronterface and the bed dimensions in the settings menu are correct. I have dug through Marlin trying to figure out why this is happening and can't see anything. Everything in Slic3r seems normal. The prints run like everything is fine, but aren't symmetrical and end up with blobbing at the corners where the gcode is telling it to keep extruding more than it needs to.

Interestingly, when I tell my print head to move manually 100mm from home in Pronterface it moves exactly 100mm. When I tell it to move 100mm further, it stops short.

Seems very bug-like to me. Has anyone else experienced this? I just had to reduce the outer dimensions of my client's model in the short term.
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Re: Print Size Limitations
April 12, 2012 05:36PM
Sounds like your software endstops in your firmware config are set up smaller than your bed can move.

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Re: Print Size Limitations
April 13, 2012 12:25AM
In Marlin you should have a section in your configuration.h like this:

#define min_software_endstops true //If true, axis won't move to coordinates less than HOME_POS.
#define max_software_endstops true //If true, axis won't move to coordinates greater than the defined lengths below.
#define X_MAX_LENGTH 180
#define Y_MAX_LENGTH 180
#define Z_MAX_LENGTH 100

This is where you turn on/off and define the "soft limits" of your machine.
Re: Print Size Limitations
April 13, 2012 01:11PM
I=idiot. I was looking at the wrong Marlin file and yep, my max lengths were wrong when I actually opened the file that's installed on the printer.

Anonymous User
Re: Print Size Limitations
October 04, 2012 02:20AM
Print size limitations: There are different printer and cemra ans they have different limitations but i jave some idea which that i would like to share with you...

There are limitations of prints 1200 DPI printer, 1200 DPI / 2 DPP = 600 PPI. So, for 2592x3888
Pro 9000 claims a 1200x2400 DPI print resolution
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