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printing a large dome

Posted by cloud1771 
printing a large dome
May 06, 2012 05:04AM
I am in the process of builiding a wallace with a print surface of 2ft by 2ft to print parts for the r2builder's club. My question is if I were to print a 18in diamater hollow dome, when it got to printing the top would it fall in on itself or would it print correctly.

Re: printing a large dome
May 06, 2012 03:16PM
That would depend on how steep the dome is. Angles up to 45 degrees are printable without support, if you need flatter angles, you would need support material, which can be removed after the print.
Re: printing a large dome
May 06, 2012 09:09PM
it would litarlly be half a ball. I do have a few options i was thinking about, but I would have to cut out the extra with a dremel.
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