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Calibration Print Wall Finish

Posted by 0telly0 
Calibration Print Wall Finish
August 02, 2012 11:41AM
Hello, ive been doing the .5 mm cube wall print with good results. I have only a small problem. As the print progresses the layers become uneven fininsh for some reason. Here is a picture

So far ive adjusted layer hight between 0.25 and .4 and dropped my hot end temp form 200 to 185. Hot bed is running at 60. But i get the same results if i get a good ish print. Runnig a .5mm hot end too.

I'm not running a fan but would that improve things?

Thanks Telly.

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Re: Calibration Print Wall Finish
August 02, 2012 03:47PM
A fan, after the first layer would improve things. Your corners will be tighter and your layers should stack a lot better. Until I built a controlled fan onto my X carriage, I just used a desk fan on low. I waited until after the first layer before turning it on though.

Using ABSPrusa Mendel Zaphod with Pronterface and slic3r 1.3.0. Printing well with 3mm PLA and ABS through 2 x J Head Mk IV b and Wade Geared Exruders. Controlled using RAMPS1.4 board running Marlin_v1.1.9
Re: Calibration Print Wall Finish
August 04, 2012 01:12AM
I agree with Moto. That looks like the symptoms of the layers not having time to cool before the next layer is printed. A fan, printing slower, or printing multiples at the same time should help.

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Re: Calibration Print Wall Finish
August 07, 2012 01:36PM
Hello again,
I'll give a fan a go after i get my hot end working again. Thanks for the advice!

Re: Calibration Print Wall Finish
August 10, 2012 12:03PM
I added a 80mm PC fan and the print came out fantastic!

Thanks again!

Re: Calibration Print Wall Finish
September 09, 2012 10:11PM
I´m having the exact same problem with the same kind of calibration object.
No picture is needed to illustrate, as it looks exactly the same, but here is the thing: I´m printing with abs.
I tried lowering temperatures by 1 degree until I could not extrude anymore then up some, that did not help.
My first thought was slic3r ´s aparent inabilitty (commented in several posts here) to generate proper single wall sliced gcode objects.
This also seems open to debate, after all said, would I benefit from using a fan blowing on the printed part?
How is it possible to overcome the temperature drop on the heated pcb bed if I do so? it barely reaches the 110 degrees c mark as is...

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Re: Calibration Print Wall Finish
September 10, 2012 11:54PM
i had same problem with abs (worse with PLA actually). first couple layers looked good; then had issues as shown in his photo. I found slowing down, and printing multiples both helped. I'm still working on the fan, but I believe that should help as well as others have said.
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