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leaking tip

Posted by badhank 
leaking tip
August 10, 2012 01:04PM

My current issue is that when heating the tip prior to print, there is excessive runoff from the nozzle. Not a huge issue to wipe clean, but when I start to print, the first few segments do no have enough PLA material to make a line and just form sticky dots. I have combated this by creating a nice thick 3-pass skirt. Is there another way to fix this?

Blue PLA @ 180 (relatively accurate thermistor)
Mix shop nozzle w additional passive cooling
slic3r 9 (which settings would you like to know about?)
blue tape room temp

Re: leaking tip
August 10, 2012 02:08PM
Position the head away from the print area slightly off the bed say Z = 0.1mm extrude about 5mm of plastic to prime the extruder, and let it run.
The motion to the start of the part usually wipes off the nozzle.
Nophead has a slightly better, more complex procedure described on his blog where he does an additional wipe along the edge of the bed.

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Re: leaking tip
August 10, 2012 02:22PM
Re: leaking tip
August 10, 2012 02:30PM
Hello Polygonhell and nophead

Thank you both for the prompt and courteous replies. I am glad that my nozzle/hotend is/are not malfunctioning.

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