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The "Heres my problem and heres how I fixed it!" thread!

Posted by JazzyB 
The "Heres my problem and heres how I fixed it!" thread!
December 09, 2012 06:21AM
Hey everybody!

I have had a few head-scratching issues since starting with my RepRap pro Mendelforum anawesome reference as well as many blogs, the only thing is, I've had to sift though topics titled "why is this happening?" To find exactly what I'm after...

So the idea of this thread is simply this: post a picture and description of a problem you've been having, INCLUDING how you've fixed it and optionally a picture of your part after u have fixed the problem - so it's NOT a thread to ask questions so much, more a thread to show answers to common problems... I hope people can jump on board cos I think it'll be a good concise thread to check first before posting a new thread!

I'll start ;-)

- JazzyB
Re: The "Heres my problem and heres how I fixed it!" thread!
December 09, 2012 06:33AM
Had an issue recently where anything I printed seemed to start out ok, and then noticed the top layers would have a pitted finish, really strange - I tried different temps and fill amounts but the problem persisted and I determined it was probably not software related as it WAS working great and I hadn't changed much at all... It was also very random, not at the same point or only in one direction or anything - anyway - here is a picture of what the finished part looked like...

The way I fixed it was to tighten the bolts which put pressure on the extruder idler - turns out they were not tight enough and this was allowing the filament to slip very slightly now and then... Not usually, but sometimes... Tightening these up has completely fixed this issue for me ;-)

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