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first prints - help needed

Posted by [email protected] 
first prints - help needed
March 08, 2013 04:30AM

I just finished building my first 3D printer, and tried some small prints in order to get the settings right / calibrate.

(It's a Prusa with Megatronics2 and Marlin, I use Slicer & Pronterface)

It has been quite a journey I must say, but enjoyed it every step of the way :-)

I took a small object from thingyverse, I think it was this one

In the picture you can find the results first is at the top, last at the bottom.

I'm not focusing on the extrusion yet, though I can see the're something not quite right.

the first two prints were rubbish and not very consistent, as expected. This is where my lazyness already bit me. The pulleys could slip on the axes of the motors, so I took care of that.

The third print wasn't much better, so I restarted pronterface, generated a new G file, and tried again.

The fourth print looks better, but still.

Now I can't blame the axes any more, but there seems to be something else: the first minute or so, everything seems to go well, then, it turns jibberish in its movement. Like if the communication slowed down or some kind of memory buffer overload or something.

I've also noticed the same behaviour when I move the axes with pronterface. Not always though.

There may be something worth mentioning: the Megatronics board came with pre-set Marlin, with baudrate at 250000. This didn't work for me, nor IDE nor Pronterface would connect at 250000. So I set it to 115200, and then they both can connect.

Could it be that?

Or should I search somewhere else?

Any other ideas I could try?
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Re: first prints - help needed
March 08, 2013 05:52AM

it was overcurrent on the steppers. they heat up and shut down, resulting in skipping steps.

I turned the pots down a little on the Pololu drivers, and it came out very nice!

Now I can concentrate on calibration!
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