Bad ABS Filament
March 29, 2013 04:38AM
I have bought Abs filament, At first printing there is no problem. But my hot end clogged, also I ruined two nozzle. I read the forum.. I have attached picture, Cause this hole my nozzle clog and bad infill ?
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Re: Bad ABS Filament
March 30, 2013 12:21AM

That be bad ABS.

I had some like that and my .35 head kept jamming up with a big air bubble.

I managed to use it up on a .5 hotend souded like popcorn at times.

Printing thin layers with the .5 head you could see where a bubble was as there would be a gap in the layer along the edge.

I only used that stuff for test prints.

Time to find the good stuff.

I've used Makerbot, 3D Printer Stuff and EckerTech. All good plastic there.
In fact I now stock the EckerTech plastic.
Ultimachine is reported good too.

Glankonian Protoforms
Re: Bad ABS Filament
March 30, 2013 05:35AM
I ruined my 0.35 j head. I have machined my nozzle with a 0.5 nozzle. Now I'm building my extruder smiling smiley i think this is the best way
Re: Bad ABS Filament
April 09, 2013 12:27AM
Who was the manufacturer and supplier of this filament for reference?
Re: Bad ABS Filament
April 12, 2013 02:21PM
I also have some bad filament, popping all the time, dutch reseller. Are we allowed to call names?

Just had my printer jam after more than 1,5hours of printing, it was almost done and doing a critical part when the extruder got jammer with a piece of black ABS that was more than 3,5mm wide... It even broke-off a piece of the guide on my extruder.

Luckily it didn't go into my hotend.
I am going to ask a refund on this black ABS that I have bought and will never buy from that guy again. He sells it as 'top quality'.

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Re: Bad ABS Filament
April 12, 2013 10:51PM
I believe we can name names for legitimate quality issues with appropriate caution (correct me if I am wrong). We owe it to each other to be certain of sources and not pass on hear-say though and I would say we should require several instances and giving the vendor/manufacturer an opportunity to make it right before concluding that there is a continuing trend and labelling a source as "poor quality". Obviously no trash talk.
Re: Bad ABS Filament
April 13, 2013 08:51AM
OKay, I was almost ready to beat up the machine, haha, the black crap filament jammed again.

Now I switched to the Yellow ABS variant, same reseller, I asked if he ever had people complain about the black version, 'never' he replied...

The yellow abs prints very neat, very clean, nice sharp lines, no fuzzy weird lumps, no pops during printing..

I have been trying to get my machine working right FOR A WEEK with shit-ass filament, and now that I switched.. It works great with the other filament. I can't believe my eyes, my print is only at layer 17 of 300, but already looks so great!!! smiling smiley

The outlines of my print are also much sharper, with the previous filament the outlines were squashes every ten layers, but now the edge looks smooth and sharp at 0.25mm printing.
Re: Bad ABS Filament
April 14, 2013 10:17AM
There are at least a few different types of contamination that have been documented in filament. See [] (the in-work) PTPG if interested.
Re: Bad ABS Filament
August 04, 2013 09:03PM
I saw a add on Amazon for "Uncle Chucks Stuff" where they have some filament, What was interesting is they said that ABS absorbs moisture that causes the bubbles, they said to store it in an old refrigerator with a 150 watt light bulb working all the time to prevent the moisture. I had heard of doing that with welding rod so I guess that makes sense. But their filament worked well for me.
Re: Bad ABS Filament
August 29, 2013 02:22PM
TroyDog, there are two different types of contamination that is discussed when we talk of bubbles.

One type of bubble is also called a blow-out and occurs in the printed part. Blowouts are due to filament absorption of moisture and the resulting steam during the extrusion produces the small part surface void and a pop sound.

A different type of contamination is actual air bubbles or large voids within the filament itself and is due to a filament manufacture defect. This also causes blow-outs and times where the extruder runs out of plastic and leaves larger areas empty as it tries to print without having as much plastic as it thinks it has. These air bubbles in the filament cannot be adjusted for or prevented from causing problems by proper filament handling. Using filament that has this type of defect is problematic.

The prior discussion in this thread related to the defective filament type. Refer to PTPG

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Re: Bad ABS Filament
September 09, 2013 07:34PM
I just bought Octava 1.75mm ABS black. After ordering on Amazon I read some bad reviews particularly the black. Probems with clogs, voids in the filiment. I can't cancel now. Anyone use Octava Blavk ABS???
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